Group Courtsey

Anyone who registers for our activities should make every effort to attend all sessions of the scheduled activity (weather, health and family trips aside).  When circumstances beyond one's control arise, the teacher or the activity contact person should be notified as soon as possible of the child's (or children's) anticipated absence.  Please give the teachers and volunteers the utmost respect that they deserve, after all, they are sharing their time and talents to enrich your child's life.  



All homeschooling guest families are to be invited by a WOCA group member.  This group member will be responsible for ensuring their guests follow the behavior guidelines outlined under the Children's and Parent's behavior section listed below.  Guest families may join our group on field trips or fellowships, if and only if there is ample space or maximum numbers have not been meet after all WOCA members have had an opportunity to sign up.  This policy would not apply if you are the contact person for the activity and are sharing this activity with another group.  Also, a person who regularly attends our activities may be asked to place membership with our group.  


Dress Code


Child Care


Children's Behavior


Parent's Behavior


Supervising of Children