Winter 2017 Registration Ends Jan 2nd

Official Fall 2016 registration has ended but WOCA still has some class openings. Please contact us via our contact page and see if we can meet your academic homeschool needs for this school year. All information is listed on our Co-op Info page as well as our other webpages. To ensure students progress through their education without repeating, cooperative classes are offered on a four year rotating cycle. However, WOCA offers almost all the middle and high school Apologia science courses every school year. It is our desire to make our cooperative classes academic enough to give up a day of your homeschool but fun enough for the kids to want to attend.

Website Reconstruction

Please excuse the mess of our website.  A little ways back we lost the entire thing and have been trying to rework it a little bit at a time.  If you have any questions,  please don't hesitate to contact us via our contact page.    Thanks for your patience. 

Home School Drivers Ed, May 16 - May 27

White Oak Christian Academy has organized another home school driver's ed class through Greg's Driving School.  Classes will take place just after FCC classes are over but before Memorial weekend. Parents are encouraged to stay for the first class or linger at the end for important licensing information.  However, this parental involvement is optional and the information can be obtained from your student.


WOCA is now offering a DROP OFF OPTION to christian homeschool familes.  Beginning in Winter 2016, middle and high school homeschool students may be dropped to participate in our classes.   Our courses are offered on a four year rotation cycle so no matter where a students starts they will receive a complete course offering.  This Winter 2016 semester our course listings include: Intro to Mock Trial, Survivor Science, Apologia sciences, Professional Art, Robotics, Spanish, Grammar, Human body, American History, and Rediscovering God in America.

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